Friday, May 18, 2012

A Humble Beginning

My name is Rob Dean and and I hope you'll follow along during my journey of blogging and growth in the Halloween and haunted attraction industry. You will find my Halloween alias, Hallowdean, haunting Halloween forums, itunes, twitter, You Tube, and other blogs.

So what content can you expect in this blog? 

I hope to blog concerning all things Halloween and haunted attraction with a focus on social media.

I am a beginner in what is called "home haunting"; the hobby—and dare I say art—of transforming your mundane home into a full-fledged Halloween dwelling for the season . This can include simply buying props for your "haunt" or intricately designing and building your own. I find myself currently in the former group. Just this year I changed my first tire. I have no skills in building or repairing of any sort but I plan on changing that fact. Using sites like and wonderful YouTube posters, I hope to learn the tricks of the trade. I expect to be cranking out faux boarded up windows, PVC graveyard fencing, and pink foam tombstones in no time.

I will be posting my progress here and I invite you to follow along. Whether you are as fresh to this wonderful world of Halloween home haunting as I am  or a  grizzled veteran who is simply curious to watch my progress, I welcome you and your comments, regardless of who you are.

As I am working on my degree in psychology and moving towards graduate education I am considering specializing in Industrial and Organizational Psychology or IO psych. For those interested in this field, here is a link to peruse:
It would be wonderful to marry my love of the Halloween and the haunted attraction industry with IO psych in any way possible. The haunted attraction industry has grown by leaps and bounds and perhaps a niche can be carved out by those seeking to improve productivity.

I will gladly blog concerning reviews of products, new facets in social media, haunter conventions, and more. 

Why else am I creating this blog? 

I expect it to be a therapeutic form of expression as well as a small contribution to the Halloween community.

I also want to dedicate this blog to my mother who passed away last July. When other kids were watching cartoons, I was staying up with my mom watching A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Tales from the Crypt and horror films too numerous to count. Thank you mom - for everything.


  1. Nice to meet you.
    Sorry about your loss.
    Keep the passion going, Halloween rocks!

  2. It's a pleasure to meet you as well and thank you for your condolences.

    The passion is easy to keep going with such a great community of people!

  3. Great blog good Sir Dean... I too have studied Psychology (but for different reasons Primarily, Phobias and abnormal psychology) I look forward to your Halloween posts for 2013... and the props that you have created


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